The Specification Groups Interface


  1. The Toolbar - Contains tool options for the item currently selected.   The tools on the toolbar will be highlighted based on whether a category or a specification group is selected.

  1. Specification Group Tree - The Bold Blue text indicates a category used for organization.  The lighter black text below them are the individual specification groups.   Selecting on an item in the tree will activate tools related to categories or specification groups.  Right-clicking on an item in the tree will provide a menu of the above tools related to the item selected.

  2. File Detail Information - Below is a list of files being referenced by this specification group.  Each specification group may reference some or none of the same files as the other specification groups in the tree.  This can be used to control products with the same materials and construction but different hardware specifications, for example.  

New files can be added and changed by right-clicking on a specification group in the tree.  Select Make New... File from the menu (selecting the file type that you want to add).  The following dialog box will appear to ask for the name of the file you want to create.  You must use an existing file as a template.  Click Browse to select a file from the job you are in or any other job as the template.


Select OK to create the new file.  The new file will be used in the selected specification group.

To change the file that is referenced by a specification group, right-click on the specification group that you want to change in the tree.  Select Change... File from the menu (selecting the file type that you want to change).    A dialog box will appear showing the files of the type that you selected that are available in the current job.  Select the file that you want to use for the selected specification group and click Open.  The new file name will be listed beside the appropriate file type.